Are you working from home or living at work? It’s time to rebalance.

The hybrid work era is here to stay, but many of my Clients and Candidates are telling me that while they are enjoying working from home, they are finding they have less downtime than ever before.

Yes, the daily commute has gone, but so has the opportunity to catch your breath between meetings or to make notes from a meeting just held. Diaries are being populated hour after hour with little to no breaks in between. Workdays are getting longer, and there doesn’t seem to be any let-up!

Microsoft’s recently release Work Trend Index it is clear that most workers are enjoying flexible work arrangements. Productivity is high but alarmingly, but so is employee exhaustion.

So I ask you, are you living at work or working from home?

It is necessary in this “new now” to set some boundaries and to find some balance. It is paramount you manage your stress levels and avoid burn out.

 Here are some tip that might help you get through the day at home;

  • Hit the re-set button & tell your colleagues to do the same
  • Manage your diary by blocking out time out for yourself. Ask yourself – when was the last time you took a lunch break or unplugged before 6pm? Get up, stretch, clear your head, breathe then refocus

  • Use your “Me Time” – your old commute time is now your time – not your bosses. Use it wisely; it is precious. Use it to Study, take a walk, go to the gym, pick up a hobby, play with your children, cook dinner. Use it to find the right work-life balance for you that is sustainable long term.

  • Dress for work – including shoes! Distinguish between your work life and your home life. When your workday is done, change into your everyday clothes – this will help you to change modes
  • Be honest with your boss – if you feel like you are in a pressure cooker – say so! I don’t know too manager managers who will ask an employee to work less!
  • Change pace – try going into the office if it is practical to do so at least once a week
  • And most importantly, tell your boss to do the same – the best team is a fresh team!