Opinion: Why Right Now Is the Right Time To Hire In IT

Don’t wait until we are all fishing from the same small pond. Now is the time to attract good staff.

April 2020

Since the global COVID-19 pandemic was declared just over 6 weeks ago, and the nation went into the ongoing lockdown, the epidemic has taken a massive toll on the way we do business now, and the way we will do business in the future. For the 1st time ever, immigration to Australia is suspended indefinitely, with many immigrant workers returning home,  shrinking our precious talent pool even further. It is apparent that it will be sometime before we are back on planes and travelling globally.  

Australia traditionally has had a heavy reliance on skilled migration with the Information Technology sector having one the highest demands. So what will happen if we all go fishing in the same fishing pond, but that pond is smaller than before? How will you deliver your projects? How will you attract staff? How can you retain your existing team? The recruitment market for quality IT staff is only going to get tighter, which is why we challenge you – NOW is the time to hire.