12 signs it’s time to start looking for a new job

Matthew Broderick hesitated to play Ferris Bueller

Do you remember the ending to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? After the closing credits have played Ferris comes back on the screen and says “You’re still here? It’s over. Go Home. Go!” It’s important to know when the time has come to leave, and the same goes for your job.

So how do you decide when it the right time to go?

Fact: On average, Australian’s stay in roles 3.3 years.

Leaving a job is a big deal, and it is something most of us don’t do easily. Here are our top 12 reasons why it might be time to leave;

  1. There is no opportunity for advancement
  2. You are not being paid in line with market
  3. You no longer look forward to going to work
  4. You don’t feel valued by your manager or your team
  5. Your contribution isn’t valued
  6. You are no longer learning
  7. You are unfocused and have been feeling restless for a while
  8. Your work environment is toxic
  9. The company, the team or the job is not what it used to be
  10. There are more bad days than good days
  11. You wouldn’t recommend the company to your friends
  12. Your relationship with your manager has deteriorated

Fact: Most recruiters will become nervous when they see a pattern of less than 2 years of employment consistently in your resume, so consider this before leaving for a similar job with another company. If you see this pattern forming on your resume, ask yourself, are you in the right industry/job?

Once you have made the decision to leave, it’s time to take the next steps;

Update your resume – We recommend you always have an up to date resume on hand. (It is easier to add a training course when it’s just been completed than to try to remember what is was called 3 years later!) We also recommend writing your resume what you are in the right frame of mind – positivity shows through!

  • Start connecting with your trusted recruiters and network
  • Update your LinkedIn and Seek profiles if you have one (which you should!)
  • Apply for relevant roles
  • Start practising interview questions, including situational, competency-based and behavioural question

Fact: On average, it takes 82 days to find a new job. Be patient and wait for the right opportunity. You want your next career move to be the right one. We do not recommend you resign from your current role before you have successfully obtained a new opportunity.