Are you suffering in a “Covid Comfy” market?

Are you Covid Comfy? Now is the time to be searching for a new role

March 2021

I am constantly being asked by my Clients: “What is the market like?” and “Why is it so hard to find good people?” My response: good candidates are “Covid Comfy.”

My take on this current IT employment market is there are plenty of good candidates out there, but your job ad won’t find them.

13 months ago, the candidates you are trying to hire now were probably ready to leave their current role and probably would have responded to your Seek ad or LinkedIn ad, but that candidate is “Covid Comfy” right now.

They are working from home, most likely in a job they outgrew several years ago, but they are staying put. Why? Because when there is uncertainty, people become opposed to change – that’s human nature.

Now more than ever, you need to partner with a good recruiter who is well networked and experienced at headhunting to open the doors for you that you can’t. Now more than ever, a recruiters little black book is your saving grace! With low unemployment, low immigration, and a massive backlog of projects – the race to find good talent is well underway.